Thursday, 27 August 2015

5 Scenic, Leisurely Walks in The Garden Route

Not all of us are cut out to take on a few hours or sometimes even a few days of hiking tours through forests, rivers, bushes, hills and mountains. A leisurely stroll would be more preferable to take in the surroundings, natural wonders and fresh air The Garden Route has to offer. Here is a list of 5 Scenic, Leisurely Walks in The Garden Route that can be done in an hour or two. These walks are suitable for the not-so-fit or less agile individuals and still offer the magnificent natural beauty found within The Garden Route.

1. Southern Tip, Cape Agulhas

Agulhas does not officially form part of The Garden Route, but is used a lot as a first night's stop on many Garden Route tours. Taking a walk from the lighthouse to the Southern tip is a beautiful stroll with unique vegetation, fresh ocean air and some whale spotting during winter months. And when you reach the Southern tip, you can go back home and tell your friends you've walked from The Indian Ocean to The Atlantic ocean!

2. St. Blaize Trail, Mossel Bay

This walk has the potential to become a full day event, but the distance is completely decided by each individual. Mossel Bay is the official start of The Garden Route and offers picturesque views along the coastal areas. The St. Blaize trail starts with an age-old cave where evidence of early bushmen living there was found. From here you can decide if you would like to continue onwards or turn back to the parking lot a few metres down the stairs.

3. Tsitsikamma Suspension Bridge

One of the most popular walks along The Garden Route is the Tsitsikamma Suspension Bridge. A two kilometer return stroll of a boardwalk trail takes you to the Stormsriver mouth where it leads into the Indian Ocean. A couple of suspension bridges takes you over the river mouth with incredible views into the mouth and towards the ocean. This stroll is included by many tour operators in their Garden Route tours, and those who prefer to go without the walk can relax at the restaurant and view the spectacular surroundings.

4. Tsitsikamma Big Tree

Not far from the suspension bridge walking route within Tsitsikamma Park is the trail to The Big Tree - The oldest recorded Yellow-wood Tree in South Africa which is also our National Tree. This walking route is easily found just off the N2 motorway and could even be used as a toilet stop and leg stretcher on Garden Route tours. The walk takes you on a boardwalk through thick, protected forests while the sounds of birds and nature surrounds you - a quick, beautiful introduction to The Garden Route.

5. Wilderness Waterfall, Eden Adventures

Found within Wilderness is a river running through the town going by the name of The Touw's River. You have the optional choice here to canoe up the river for about 3/4 of an hour where you then leave the canoes and hike the rest of the way through beautiful forests observing nature at its best. The Waterfall at the end of the walk is a welcome award during summer months. Have a refreshing dip, pack the picninc baskets and spend some time here away from everyday life. This walk is included in the 6 Day Garden Route Tours run by our travel partners, Earthstompers Adventures.

These walks are easy to find and won't take too much out of your back or knees! Stop at any of these hiking trails for a bit of fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings while on Garden Route tours. If any of these are of specific interest to you, feel free to let us know and we'll include time for it on our Private Garden Route tours. Visit our website for more information or to make an enquiry!

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