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Popular Garden Route Adventure and Adrenaline Attractions

The Garden Route has something for everyone. If you're hoping for relaxation and bare feet in the sand then you'll find it. Nature walks and hikes are available for the nature lovers and wildlife will make sure you get a good dosage of animals if that is your wish. But then you get the individuals who enjoy getting their blood pressure up a little and exploiting the feeling of 'being alive'! Yes, for them there's also a handful of interesting stops. Here's a list of Popular Garden Route Adventure and Adrenaline Attractions for those who enjoy the wilder side of life.

Shark Cage Diving
Shark Cage Diving is an extremely popular attraction in South Africa and many operators provide you with the opportunity to get in a cage and face to face with these majestic ocean predators. This activity is available as day tours in Cape Town, Gans Bay and The Garden Route. Book your early morning pickup and dive with one of the shark diving companies in Cape Town or include it during one of our longer or private Garden Route tours.
Shark Cage Diving, South Africa

Swimming with seals
Plettenberg Bay is found in the heart of The Garden Route and a large number of ocean activities are available in this popular town. Apart from whale and dolphin viewing you can also put your swimming gear and join hundreds of seals for a swim. Explore the daily routines, agility and excitement of seals as they welcome you into their world. Swimming with seals is a specialized activity and usually only available on private Garden Route tours.
Swimming with seals in The Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay

Bungy Jumping
Only for the brave! Yes, the famous Bloukrans Bungy Jumping bridge in The Garden Route surely requires no introduction. A dramatic 216 meter drop and nothing but a rubber cable to make sure you don’t ‘swim with the fishes’ in the river below. It takes a few gasps of the bravest breaths you have, but once you’re done and back on the bridge nothing will take away the feeling of that plunging moment. The Bungy bridge is included in most GardenRoute tours where the optional choice of jumping is included.
Bungy Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge, Garden Route

Ziplining Tours
Ziplining through the treetops of Tsitsikamma and The Garden Route is in fact a very relaxing activity and sometimes incorrectly categorised as an adrenaline attraction. Ziplining is for any age and a perfect family activity. The height might be a factor as anybody with a fear of heights should probably have a second thought! There’s a couple of these options available along The Garden Route.
Ziplining in Tsitsikamma, Garden Route

Cango Caves Adventure tours
The Cango Caves provide a unique experience where you step back in time to observe stalactites and stalacmites formed over hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years! The standard tour consist of very basic strolling on comfortable walkways. The Adventure tours, however is a little different and much more challenging. If you don’t mind tight spaces, crawling, sliding on your belly or getting a little dirty then give the adventure tours a go! The Cango Caves are available in almost all Garden Route tours visiting Oudtshoorn.
Cango Caves guided tours in Oudtshoorn, Garden Route

Another activity which there are plenty opportunity of in The Garden Route and along the coast! With the ocean, rivers and lakes never far away you are sure to find a few canoes lying on a river bank waiting for renters and take to the water. Canoeing in The Garden Route gets you very close to the natural beauty and tranquility of the area.
Canoeing in Wilderness Park, Garden Route

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